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This metal based taweez help to stop un wanted acts, events of life. This taweez we create in special time which comes after many weeks. this taweez helps you to stop anything which you either that is love marrige,education,rape habit, drinking habit, and much more.Taweez printed on bronze metal helps to remove bad effects of stars. this bronze metal with gold water quoted tarweed  is used to reduce facing issues due to stars effect, use of this taweez can complete stop all bad effects of stars and convert them in positive way which helps you to grow and live as you want.The star and the number are to do and die is Saturn and eight respectively anyone who knowledge of numerology and astronomy will known that those people who have personal or birth number eight or the first or second part of whose name adds up to be eight and are born between 28 December and 19 February are said to be under the influence of the unlucky planet Saturn. Saturn is a distressing and unlucky planet star. all the famous politication who have come to power in Pakistan have ultimately met exemplary ends under the influence of this star. for example, Muhammad ali jinnah’s zodiac sign is Capricorn and planet star Saturn the name jinnah is a number (8).mr.muhamad ali jinnah gaind world wide fame but was later injectedwith position while on a visit the result was death next,Zulfiqar ali Bhutto whose zodiac sign was also capricon star sarurn and the number for the name Bhutto eight was hanged on 14 aprail 1979.The day and the month has the number eight 1979 also has the number eight along with the name Bhutto hence on the day the number formed a triangle who resulted in his hanging.later Zia-ul-haq took over whose zodiac sign was leo and star the sun but he was also killed on 17th August 1988 when his exploded due to the presence of a bomb on board.The date 17has the unique number 8,the month August also has the number 8 along with the year 1988.hence a triangle was formed which resulted in his death.Muhammad nawaz sharif has a personal number eight ,the zodiac sign of capricon and Saturn as his star.when his name was ‘mian nawaz sharif’ people advised him to remove mian in order to attain the number six.he complied but on adding Muhammad again become the number eight.is opposed by five which is the number for 12 October 1999,he was replaced my pervaiz musharaf on this day.pervaiz musharaf eight as his personal number ,Leo as his zodiac sign and the sun for his star governed over Pakistan for nine years.Asif Ali zardari the current president Pakistan also the member eight as his personal and birth day member his zodiac sign is censer and his star/planet the moon. He has faced many hardships to reach his current status safe guard Pakistan,containing terrorism and restoration which party him as a well, wisher of Pakistan, are if his good endeavors are a part of his agenda. Osama also has the personal member eight which led to the destruction of Afghanistan as Afghanistan it self member eight.The current president of Afghanistan Hammed is also a number eight. Our country Pakistan which came into being on 14 August also has birth in day number eight,and our streets have been pointed in blood ever since. For ever president of Pakistan Mir Zafrullah jamali who is also a number eight with the zodiac sigh of Capricorn and the star Saturn remained in power for only seven months as he was forced to resign Earth quills and hurricanes in Indonesia have caused a lot of destruction especially on 18 October 2005 this is also due to the number eight I am successfully break the adverseffects of the unlucly  number eight and planet/star Saturn.

Astrology in the light of QURAN, decrease of Allah in

relation to astrology in the light of QURAN:It is stated in the holy QURAN: holy is the deity who has created the signs of the zodiac in the skies and have given elegance to those who see.And later: holy is the deity which created the signs of the zodiac.According to astrology there are twelve signs of the zodiac :Aries, Taurus. Gemini cancer, Leo, virgo,Libra,scarpio,Sagittarius,Capricorn,aquarins,and Pisces. the holy QURAN states for the stars: is he ALLAH who has created the stars for you so that you can seek guidance from then in the dark of land and sea. according to the experts the stars give off light from the sun which is 60 times the size of the earth where as the earth is 39 times the size of the moon. The holy QURAN bears witness to the fact that Allah has called the zodiac in the skies and the stars in space his creations. Experts in astronomy have attained knowledge regarding astrology and the zodiac after extensive research. the stars after extensive research. the stars after attain light from the sun leave an impact specific to their nature. in my vast experience the sun has the power of splendour Jupiter the power of wealth the moon the power of justice and health and Venus the power of love and subjection.anongst unlucky stars mars bears the effect of bloods heal whereas Saturn is responsible for first enthroning and then denthroning.

Ominous ness of the planet:

The ominous ness of the planets can only be changed by the Holy verse/wird it Allah. when the star of a person sin its return. Especially in a sign of the zodiac that is rising then the star brings harn in courdance with its  oninouoness. It can cause loos in business destruction of hopes and puzzlement in ones tempranment. They are no longer respected anongs others, there friends become their enemies theres a complete change in teste and attempt and no benefit anything  that they attempt.there is a disline in health olk ill/deseases hop resurfacting and they loose their aines .it this case it is adviseable for the parson to perform sacrifice sadqah at specific times and to keep engrowings of the holy verse with himself in order to be void of this adverse effect .it may also state that engrowings and charms do not cause the planets to leave their positions/places,that is fate and hense cannot be changed however our specific formulas can successfully eradicate the desending effects.just like no one can present a heat wave but can take protective measure against it similarly we can protect ourselves from the mis fortunes cosed by the stars through the holy QURAN.The vrese of the HOLY QURAN can be used to vreate engrowings for such purposes. So instead of worrying yourself in the midest of troubles contact us and we will inshaallah with the grace of ALLAH find a desireable sulotion for you problems as we have been doing for long time. 


لوح ہفت سیارگان جوکہ تانبہ پربنتی ہے اورسونے کاپانی دیاجاتاہے۔

یہ لوح مبارک ایک خاص وقت میں تیارکی جاتی ہے اورخصوصاً ان لوگوں کے لئے بہت کارآمدہے جن کاعددآٹھ ہویاستارہ زحل یامریخ ہویاماں بیٹی کی عددی مخالفت ہویاماں بیٹاکی مخالفت ہوماں باپ بہن بھائیوں میاں بیوی وغیرہ کی مخالفت عددی ہویاستاروں کی نحوست پڑتی ہے کیونکہ عدد آٹھ کونحس ترین عددکہتے ہیں بلکہ نحوست کابادشا ہ کہلاتاہے یہ لوح مبارکہ اس عدد کی نحوست کورد کرتی ہے اورہرقسم کے عددی مخالفت کوبلاک کرتی ہے اوررکھے ہوئے کام چلنے لگ جاتے ہیں۔

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