How Loh/Taweezat can help you?

Loh/Taweez can help in every aspect of your life as with the knowledge we use some hidden poweres in taweezats/Loh which do the task which we assigned in that Loh or Taweez. So anything you want is posible using the use of Loh/Taweez.

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Monday, 26 February 2007 14:11
How Loh/Taweez Can help?

Word Loh is a term which means or which use to express or show something metalic or any metal piece when it comes in field of taweezat its known as a taweez which written on any metal which could be gold, silver, bronze or iron etc... Any Taweez which written on metal can give better results than normal paper based taweez.


Oncece you came to know that you have any issue or some one is against you and that person used taweezats against you so you have to look for a better solution to fight against that action for that purpose you will go to a person which must be expert in that field that person will do some calculation to find out what exactly the issue and finally he/she will give you a paper based taweez means some wordings written on paper which will help you people to come out from that situation. If that person use same wording on metal so that will become Loh and now that taweez will be more powerful and result full than the papper one. 
Taweezats and Loh can also be use for other matters for example education, love, marriage etc...  


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